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As a passionate designer and couture artisan, I am committed to creating custom costumes and attire for athletes and performers, who aspire to master their craft or sport. My breadth of design spans the needs of beginners, novice, elitists, professionals and champions. Design services include unique, custom performance wear for figure skating, dance, gymnastics, theater and cosplay.

Best In Class

* Individualized and Personal Direct Service

* High Quality Craftsmanship

* Couturier, Atelier, and Artisan Expertise

* Exclusive Functional Luxury Garments and Accessories


* Unique Cusi designs instantly differentiate athletes and performers from the competition.

* Unprecedented Cusi custom creations grab the attention of judges and audiences, resulting in locked focus during your performances.

* Memorable and unique couture Cusi designs, which elevate and resonate with performance themes.

* Athletic-based performance and competition wear that provides functional luxury, comfort, support, and works in unison as a second skin on the body.

* Theatrical and cosplay costume garments designed and executed with atelier expertise.

* Exclusive, custom fitted attire skillfully executed based upon specific body measurements, requirements, and specifications.

I just can't believe your work. That you do all that on sheer material. That you can work on stretchy material. It's like fairy weaving or something!
Kristin Kidd

Portfolio of Projects

Asian Inspired Kimono costume
Flower hairpiece
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Let Cusi Design Your Costume

Whether you need a brilliant skater costume, a fun holiday dress-up or some fantastical cosplay outfit, Cusi can create a gorgeous piece that will make a big statement. Let your imagination run free...
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