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CUSI Costume tailor makes exclusive costumes for figure skaters, gymnasts, dancers and theatrical performers (children, teens, and adults). CUSI is an athletic performance and competition wear designer, who understands the power of a distictive look and unique presence to convey a character, theme, and story. Contact us today for a one-of-a-kind, high quality costume experience.

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Our Latest Work

The Latest Cusi Costume Creations.

Pink Waltz Dress

Pink Waltz Dress

Figure Skating Wear

Pink Waltz Dress

Pink Waltz Dress

Figure Skating Wear

Teal Radiant Rocket Blue Dress

Teal Radiant Rocket Blue Dress

Figure Skating Wear

Reverse Lapel 3pc suit w Custom Embroidery

Reverse Lapel 3pc suit w Custom Embroidery

Figure Skating Wear

Black & White Edgy Floral Dress

Black & White Edgy Floral Dress

Figure Skating Wear

Black & White Edgy Floral Dress

Black & White Edgy Floral Dress

Figure Skating Wear


See what our client’s have to say.

I just can't believe your work. That you do all that on sheer material. That you can work on stretchy material. It's like fairy weaving or something!

Kristin KiddCostume Design

Cusi - Thank you for the perfect dress making experience! Juliet's couture skating dress is simply beautiful! You took such special care of her and incorporated her performance music and theme into a stunning dress! Thank you for taking the time to make it a perfect fit and for your precision and attention to detail! We will be back soon for the next one!

Valerie A. DonderoFigure Skating, Girl's Costumes

Cusi Costume is truly a gifted. Cusi has a passion and love for making costumes. She exhibits a dedication to make the finest costume for the person that will wear it, a spirit of excellence in every detail, and a commitment to see a project completed no matter what it takes!!!

Tara OwensCRCC Biblical Theater Productions

Cusi Costume has an impressive ability to transport an imaginative idea from dream to reality. The costumes she designed and constructed for our “Alice in Wonderland” dance and gymnastic theater performance were spectacular and contributed immensely to the success of our shows...

Andrea Davis AlterFalcon Cove Dance Company

Cusi Costume is a God-Send! My daughter loves the figure skating competition dresses that Cusi Costume especially and uniquely designed and created for her short and long programs. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful they are, and how they perfectly suit the competition performances...

Benjamin LusterFigure Skating Competition Program Dresses

We have had multiple dresses made for our daughter’s figure skating competitions custom-designed and custom-made by Cusi Costume. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience...

Mark and Anaelis DubnerFigure Skating Competition Dresses

Cusi has enough passion and creative energy to fuel the world! Combine that energy with knowledge, skill, and professionalism and you have a real powerhouse...

Falcon Cove Dance CompanyDance and Gymnastics Theater Production

Cusi Costume has designed and created several boys and men’s figure skating costumes for my son, and we have been amazed each and every time! We were very frustrated by the lack of options available for boys and men in the market, particularly in stretch fabrics that could withstand the rigor of men’s figure skating programs...

Jill Ward WhiteFigure Skating Competition Costumes and Garments

I’m in awe of Cusi’s knowledge of textiles and fashion, and how Cusi Costume was able to cleverly capture our characters for our diverse production within her designs. Cusi is a true artist, who has the skills to produce top-quality work. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with this talented, creative genius!

Andrea Davis Alter, ChoreographerDance Theater Production

Cusi Costume has always been great to us. I believe figure skating is a form of team work. When my daughter skates and competes, she is not only representing herself, but also everyone else that supports her and helps her to achieve each goal in the sport...

Maria WilcoxGirls' and Women's Figure Skating Competition Dresses

My son and I had a wonderful experience with Cusi Costume! Cusi custom designed and created the perfect costumes to fit all of our boys and menswear figure skating costume and attire competition needs. Cusi Costume is very punctual, reliable, responsive and really cares about each individual skater as well as her craft.

Lourdes LuzulaFigure Skating Competition Costumes and Attire

Our Latest News


The Process of a Cusi Custom Design

| Accessories, Costumes, Dance & Gymnastics, Group Costumes, Theater | No Comments
Every Cusi Costume is exceptionally designed as part of a specialized process, and is crafted using quality materials and supplies. Cusi’s custom works are created to provide a visual aspiration...

The Importance of the Perfect Fit

| Costumes, Custom | No Comments
Costumes that do not fit well produce self-consciousness, doubt, and hesitation. Secretly inside, you hope no one is noticing as you try to inconspicuously adjust your costume. As time goes...

Tailored-Made Costume or Off-the-Rack Costume? That Is The QUESTION…

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A tailor-made costume is like no other for it is a made-to-measure, customized part of a specialized experience. There is an attention to detail and fit, which simply cannot be...

Blanca A. Sanchez

As a passionate designer and couture artisan, I am committed to creating custom costumes and attire for athletes and performers, who aspire to master their craft or sport. My breadth of design spans the needs of beginners, novice, elitists, professionals and champions. Design services include unique, custom performance wear for figure skating, dance, gymnastics, theater and cosplay.

We work to provide the very best class of service:

  • Individualized and Personal Direct Service
  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Couturier, Atelier, and Artisan Expertise
  • Exclusive Functional Luxury Garments and Accessories