A tailor-made costume is like no other for it is a made-to-measure, customized part of a specialized experience. There is an attention to detail and fit, which simply cannot be matched by mass-produced ready-to-wear designer labels or off-the-rack manufacturers. The experience of a tailor-made costume brings forth the invention of an ultimate fantasy in which an aspiring dream is given life and emerges into reality.

The famous author, playwright, and poet, Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” However, in a sea of cookie-cutter looks how can you visually “Be Yourself”? How are you instantly noticed as a contender? How do you showcase your own individuality? How do you grab the attention of spectators when you are just presenting yourself in “more of the same” attire? How do you retain the locked-focused attention of an audience and/or judges if you simply blend into the existing crowd of competitors, performers, participants or patrons?

When you ardently embrace your extraordinary individual worth, you automatically want to stop being and looking like everyone else in the realm of what surrounds you at a competition, event, or function. This is where custom-tailored costuming adds value and differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. The results not only produce a one of a kind look, but also exude confidence, poise, and distinctive individuality.

There is definitely a clear difference with respect to the quality of Cusi custom-made athletic and performance wear costumes, as opposed to mass-produced manufactured items. Off-the-rack or ready-to-wear costumes are mass-produced, which means there is a very high probability that several others in attendance at the same event will likely be seen in the same exact costume. It is not unusual to attend an event and see ten to twenty contenders wearing an identical ensemble. Sometimes, the only differentiation is perhaps a color variety. Nevertheless, there is no distinction or memorable sentiment as onlookers continue to see the same exact costume over and over. Your performance could be stellar, but your look can leave spectators feeling like something was missing. In the end, there resonates an aura of under-whelmed sentiment with nothing very memorable for the audience to capture and relish.

Mass produced costumes are constructed using cut-corner methods and assembly line processes. Cheap or low-caliber supplies and techniques are applied during production. Fabrics are not always cut on the required grain, and finishes to textiles can feel itchy or possibly pinch the skin. The least expensive fabrics are generally used and may pill, under perform, fall apart or deteriorate over the course of use (even if the garment was only worn a few times).

There is also a margin of quality, which is permissible to flaws. Terms are used to grade this type of quality and are categorized as First, Second, and even Third Quality Finished Goods. First Quality items are typically the best of the three grades. However, “First” is not necessarily an indicator of a High Quality Finished Product. Regardless of the quality grade, the price is typically not adjusted. In other words, many times the uneducated consumer will pay the highest price for a ready-to-wear costume despite the flaws that cause the garment to fall short of expectations or actual value. The consumer essentially believes they have purchased a superior garment in relation to the high-ticket price tag. However, in reality, the consumer never really got what they paid for in the long run. The wearers of such costumes are betrayed by the garment itself when it restricts movement; does not perform in unison with their bodies; or simply does not even last the course of a season.

When a custom couture costume is made especially for a Cusi Costume Client, there is greater emphasis and attention to fabric selection, sewing techniques, design execution, and atelier construction. Specialized couture skills and expertise are applied to the creation of the garment. Personal fit is assured, as each piece is altered and customized according to the client’s own particular body measurements and specifications. Illusion and details can be incorporated as part of the design in order to conceal one’s own personal concerns, while accentuating the best part of a person’s physique. As a costume designer, I am often presented with challenges. For example:

  • Make short legs appear longer.
  • Make a boxy physique appear more hourglass.
  • Elongate the appearance of a short torso.
  • Conceal an area that makes a person feel self-conscious (such as a scar or imperfection).

Cusi custom design and couture construction guarantees the best success for such desired outcomes.

Materials are an integral part of the Cusi Costume process, as they are used to produce a best in class garment and maximize the life of the costume. Designs are unique and the costume is comfortable because it feels like a second skin against the body. With respect to athletic or performance costumes (as used by figure skaters, dancers, or gymnasts for example), unrestricted movement, ease, weight, functionality, durability and longevity of the garment are vitally important. Cusi Costume ensures all of these factors (and more) are automatically taken into consideration and are executed with dynamic precision. The mass market will never provide you with this level of service or integrity. Now that you know more about the difference, sack the rack and call Cusi Costume today.


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