Costumes that do not fit well produce self-consciousness, doubt, and hesitation. Secretly inside, you hope no one is noticing as you try to inconspicuously adjust your costume. As time goes by, you find yourself frustrated and annoyed. Before you know it, you have spent the entire time at the event worried as you continually adjust sleeves, tug at collars, pull down or yank at waistlines, twitch as you are pinched, or wiggle around as a result of an itchy reaction to tight or restrictive elastic. As if this is not enough turmoil, you begin to fret over the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions and suddenly your performance presence is at risk. In fact, should something go terribly wrong with your costume, such faux pas can literally interrupt your performance or leave you significantly embarrassed. Such feelings and experiences produce a negative energy. This hinders your performance level because you feel restricted. You can never feel truly free or confident in attire that simply does not correspond or work well with your body. Ultimately, you feel tortured and there finally comes a breaking point where you just cannot wait to get out of that costume as fast as you can.

People often do not understand why they cannot experience a proper fit with ready-made costumes. What they do not know is that costume retailers and manufacturers produce their products overseas. When it is overseas, they literally do not “oversee” anything about the process, fit, or quality of construction. Costume retailers and manufacturers care about the bottom-line and focus on cutting costs. However, do any cost effective benefits in reality get passed to the consumer? Does the consumer actually have the option to pay a lower price for a cheaply made costume? NO – They Do Not. A cheaply made costume constructed out of poor fabrics and materials still comes with a hefty price tag. Make no mistake about that.

When costume retailers and manufacturers relinquish production to overseas factories, they have no control over fit. They do not verify that patterns have been drafted correctly. Often times, more than one factory is commissioned to mass-produce such costumes, and (more often than not) there are inconsistencies across the board with all of the final products. These issues crucially impact fit. Without supervision, control and verification, the perfect fit can never be achieved using this approach or method. The fit will simply never be right, period.

At Cusi Costume we know and understand the importance of the perfect fit. The combination of sizing, style, aesthetic, design and color play an essential role when it comes to looking your best while achieving success. Cusi Costume analyzes and controls pattern information. As a result, we are able to maintain consistency while achieving a personally tailored fit for each and every client. We also service a wide range of demographics, such as children, teens, adults, male and female (as well as team sports and group performances). While working with children and teens, we understand that this clientele will continue to grow throughout the year. We take this into consideration as part of the fit process and include some level of margin within the costume to support a certain amount of growth, so that the young client can continue to use it for a season if possible.

Cusi Costume recognizes fit as an art because the right fit allows for a fluid range of motion. We use couturier techniques to establish a fit which corresponds with the contours of one’s body, individual specifications, as well as particular body points and measurements. Fit factors are taken into account with the greatest attention to detail in order to produce a brilliant costume that not only looks amazing on you, but feels comfortable and acts like a second skin. When you look sensational, you feel great. When you feel great about yourself, you exude poise and confidence, which coincides with a great performance and a higher level of success.

You have come this far. You have worked very hard to get to where you are. You have practiced and rehearsed so much that it is all a part of you now. It’s Game On… So, why wear something less that does not resonate with your best? You will be a hit with Cusi Costume’s tailored fit!

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