Every Cusi Costume is exceptionally designed as part of a specialized process, and is crafted using quality materials and supplies. Cusi’s custom works are created to provide a visual aspiration for the purpose of supporting the conveyed presentation of a desire, emotion, inspiration, sentiment, or character. Each ensemble is expertly constructed to be part of a reflective design which cohesively coordinates with music, themes, scenes or stories.

Athletic or performance wear is skillfully designed for ice skaters, dancers, and gymnasts with respect to individuals, groups, or teams. Character builds are proficiently created for individuals and corporations. Theatrical costumes are designed to support characters, themes or scenes. Cosplay costumes are crafted to help bring fantasy to life.

To commission Cusi Costume for a custom costume creation, there is a process of a Cusi Custom Design:

Contact Us

It is our esteemed pleasure to review and discuss your costuming needs with you. Simply click here to submit your request online. You can also contact us via email at or by phone at (954) 699-1068.

Cusi Concepts

Cusi Concepts are basic sketches which are used to present design ideas to clients. Pricing for a selected design is determined based upon the complexity of the design as well as supplies, and desired embellishments. Once a design concept has been approved, body measurements are noted and a 50% deposit is required before construction can commence.


Fabrics are sourced by Cusi Costume. This part of the process may be completed prior to or after design approval.


Upon initial construction, one to two fittings will be required before final garment construction can be completed.

Start the Show

Costumes are delivered upon completion. One last fitting is conducted to ensure satisfaction. Final payments for outstanding balances are collected. Then you are ready to go and put on a show. Cusi Costume wishes you Great Success as we strive to dress you in the Very Best!

Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect custom costume for you!

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